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The Welty House, 1119 Pinehurst Street in Jackson, Mississippi, was Eudora Welty's home for most of her life. She was born in a neighborhood near downtown—on Congress Street—in a house a few blocks from the State Capitol Building. When she was in her last two years of high school, her parents, Christian and Chestina Welty, built the Pinehurst Street house. At the same time, the Lamar Life Insurance Building, where her father was a vice president, was being built—the first "skyscraper" in the city.

It was a crowning year of his life [1925]. At the same time that the new building was going up, so was our new house, designed by the same architect. The house was on a slight hill (my mother never could see the hill) covered with its original forest pines, on a gravel road then a little out from town, and was built in a style very much of its day, of stucco and brick and beams in the Tudor style. We had moved in, and Mother was laying out the garden. Six years later, my father was dead.

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