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A MDAH Publication  |  Volume 45 No. 4  |  April 2003

New Books

Journey to the House: A Black Politician’s Story, by Will D. Campbell, traces the life of Robert George Clark from his Jim Crow boyhood in Ebenezer, Mississippi, through his career as the first black Mississippian since Reconstruction to be elected to the Mississippi House of  Representatives.  Campbell, activist/preacher/prize-winning author, tells the compelling story of a remarkable man. University Press of Mississippi, $22 cloth.

In Some Notes on River Country, Eudora Welty explores—in prose and photographs—the southwestern part of Mississippi that she loved.  The essay was originally published in Harper’s Bazaar in 1944. The wild, evocative River Country held great power for Welty throughout her life and had a profound influence on her work. From University Press of Mississippi, cloth $25, limited slip-cased edition $100.

Shelby Foote: A Writer’s Life, by C. Stuart Chapman, plumbs the ambiguous life of the gentlemanly novelist and historian. Through interviews, shared correspondence—an advantage rarely granted by Foote—and a careful examination of his fiction, Chapman has written an intimate biography. From University Press of Mississippi, $30 cloth.

On Doing Local History (second edition) by Carol Kammen, is a classic handbook for local historians, challenging the idea that amateur historians necessarily produce a history less rigorous or useful than those of larger scope. From the American Association for State and Local History (Altamira Press), $24.95 paper, $70.00 cloth. Call 301/ 459-3366.

Reporting Civil Rights. Part One: American Journalism 1941-1963. Part Two: American Journalism 1963-1973. These volumes contain essays by the well known—among them James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Tom Wolfe, Robert Penn Warren—and the less known, plus news stories, speeches, and eyewitness accounts. From the Library of America, $40 each volume.

The New York Times predicts that Generations of Captivity: A History of African American Slaves, by Ira Berlin, “will undoubtedly become one of the indispensable books on North American slavery.” From Harvard University Press, $29.95.

In Freedom Walk: Mississippi or Bust, Mary Stanton tells of Bill Moore, who vowed to walk from Chattanooga to Jackson and hand-deliver a plea for racial tolerance to Ross Barnett. He was murdered near Attalla, Alabama. From University Press of Mississippi, $28 cloth.

Many of these books are available at the Old Capitol Shop. Call 601/359-6921 to order or to obtain ordering information.


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