NOTE: All brochures are in PDF format.

Greek Revival Treasure Hunt
Explore the Greek Revival style architecture of the Old Capitol, from the stunning to the surprising. Discover the unexpected and the unknown within the building.

Historic Jackson Walking Tour
This tour of historic buildings within the original boundaries of the city from the 1840s takes approximately one hour.

I Spy
What can you find inside the Old Capitol? Things aren't always what they seem, and sometimes there's a good story about things you can't see. Follow these clues and discover what you can spy with your eye!

Mississippi Hall of Fame
The many portraits that hang in the Old Capitol Museum constitute the Mississippi Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made signicant contributions to the state

The Old Capitol & The Civil War
The Old Capitol played a prominent role in Mississippi's involvement in the American Civil War. Housing Mississippi's state government made the Old Capitol an important location for discussions leading up to secession and eventually made the Old Capitol, and Jackson, Mississippi, a strategic military location as well.

Pathways Through History
Discover the Old Capitol. Hear the many stories this building can tell ... about history, architecture, politics, and people.

Preservation and You
Most historic homes in Mississippi are not pre-Civil War mansions. Today, any structure more than fifty years old may be considered historic. Careful maintenance and repairs can preserve and even improve a building's historic value.

We the People of Mississippi
Explore how architecture and government were linked in the Old Capitol. Discover the politics of the past, understand history's influence on the present, and be inspired to act for the future!