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The Mississippi Department of Archives and History maintains the world’s finest collection of images related to Mississippi. It includes more than a quarter-million historical photographs, postcards, and other images documenting the state’s people, places, and events. Copies of most images may be ordered for a nominal price.

NOTE: Changes may go into effect as early as October 1, 2015 for ALL product costs, service fees, and use fees; including in-state and out-of-state written reference requests to cover increased costs. Users may download a copy of the new Cost and Fee Schedule, to be implemented during fall 2015, at the following link:

A copy of the current Cost and Fee Schedule is available at the “Cost and Fee Schedule” link below:

Photographs: Color and Black-and-White

All color items (maps, color photographs and slides, etc.) and black-and-white items (maps, black-and-white photographs and negatives, etc.) must be reproduced digitally.

Digital Images

Digital copies may be ordered of most items in the collection. Scans of items are produced at 300 or 600 pixels per inch and provided as .TIFF files on a CD or placed on a server from which they may be retrieved electronically.

See the Cost and Fee Schedule for Research, Products, Services, and Use

Delivery and Pick-Up Options

Orders may be picked up at the Winter Building without handling fees or mailed to patrons for $3 per order. Oversize items may incur additional charges. Items can also be sent via FedEx and billed to an account provided by the patron. Digital images may be placed on CDs and mailed to patrons for $3.00 per order or they may be placed on a server from which they may be retrieved for $7.00 per order.

See the Cost and Fee Schedule for Research, Products, Services, and Use

Search the Photo Collection Online

Many patrons prefer to visit the archives and view the actual images before ordering copies. However, it is possible to order copies from the collection without ever coming to the Winter Building.

Most of the images from the collection are not viewable online, but descriptions for the entire collection are listed in the online catalog. Existing digital files may be viewed via links from the online catalog records or on our Digital Archives pages. To order, print and fill out the Order Form. Be sure to include each item’s accession number and box and folder numbers, if available, on the order form.

Mail the completed form with check (payable to MDAH, Archives and Records Services Division) to Archives and Records Services Division, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, P.O. Box 571, Jackson, MS 39205-0571. For more information email us or call 601-576-6837.

Images from the Eudora Welty Collection

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History’s Eudora Welty Collection consists of manuscripts, photographs, printed works, and other materials given to MDAH by Eudora Welty during her lifetime and by her heirs, incorporated as Eudora Welty, LLC, after her death.

While MDAH owns the prints and negatives, copyright to the material is held by Eudora Welty, LLC, and all requests to reproduce images from the Welty Collection must receive permission from them. When producing copies, the MDAH standard is to produce from the negative or original item as is. Different specifications for processing must be included in the approval from Eudora Welty, LLC.

Written requests may be submitted to the *agents of Eudora Welty, LLC, directly or to MDAH, who forwards them to the agents or Eudora Welty, LLC. Upon approval of the request, an order may be placed with MDAH. Completion and submission of an MDAH permission form is also required. See the Cost and Fee Schedule for Research, Products, Services, and Use for prices. MDAH does not assess use fees for materials from the Welty Collection.

About 140 of the approximately 1,600 photographic images by Welty and/or of Welty and her family and friends held by MDAH are available for purchase and use from the stock photography company If you are able to facilitate your order through, you do not need to correspond with Eudora Welty, LLC, their agents, or MDAH. does not hold exclusive rights to the photographs from the Eudora Welty Collection so if you are interested in images of Welty’s manuscripts or photographs that are not available from, or if you simply prefer to order images from MDAH, you may send your request to the *agents of Eudora Welty, LLC, directly or to MDAH.

*Lippincott Massie McQuilkin
 27 W. 20th Street, Suite 305
 New York, NY 10011
 Telephone: 212-352-2055
 Fax: 212-352-2059