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Wirt Adams Raid Into NatchezSaturday–Sunday, November 8­–9, at Historic Jefferson College.

Reenactors from around the south gather to recreate Wirt Adams' raid into Natchez.  The public is welcome to attend and watch the festivities as both "Yankees" and "Rebs" reenact the battle in the “bowl.”  There’ll be plenty of cannons and black-powder muskets firing, cavalry galloping and infantry advancing! For more information call 601-442-2901.

The reenactment is based on Confederate General Wirt Adams and his men’s battle with Federal forces south of Natchez on Dec. 7, 1863. On Dec. 3, 1863, Wirt Adams brought a force of 1,069 men to the outskirts of Washington and encamped. From there, he sent scouts into Union-occupied Natchez to see if it could be taken.

They reported that there were 2,700 troops, both white and colored, and cannons guarded all the approaches and that this was too much for them to launch a successful attack on the city. Adams then made his way to Kingston, and then to Ellis Cliffs, where he was going to harass river traffic. By Dec. 6, the Federals knew of Adams’ presence and sent a cavalry force of 1,500 horsemen to attack the Rebels.

Adams was informed of the forth-coming attack, and he moved first in an offense against the Yankees on the morning of Dec. 7. The Union troops were caught completely off guard, and were forced to make a hasty retreat back to their cannons and fortifications in Natchez.

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