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Friday, November 7, 8 a.m.–3 p.m. at the Old Capitol Museum. “Turn of the Century Mississippi” is the theme of the annual Social Studies Teachers Workshop. Scholars and professionals explore the theme and present ways it can be taught in the classroom. Lesson plans for grades 4–6 and 7–12 are included. A half CEU credit is available through Mississippi College. Registration cost is $40 and deadline is October 31. To register, print the schedule and registration form here (PDF) or call 601-576-6800.

Social Studies Teachers Workshop

Cary, Mississippi, May 1, 1927, ten days after the flood

The coming of the twentieth century saw great changes throughout the state—social, economic, and industrial. Mississippi’s constitution was rewritten and adopted in 1890 to codify the privileges of white men and institutionalize the impediments to women and African American citizens. The United States and Mississippi were drawn into a world war. Natural disaster ravaged the fertile Delta counties. And a new, native art form was born in the blues.

 Scheduled are political analyst Jere Nash, “The 1890 Constitution and the Rise of Jim Crow Mississippi”; Mississippi Armed Forces Museum director Chad Daniels, “Mississippi in WWI”; University of Southern Mississippi associate professor Pamela Tyler, “Woman Suffrage in Mississippi”; MDAH outreach programs coordinator Claire Gwaltney, “1927 Mississippi Flood Lesson”; and Mississippi Arts Commission arts education director Charlotte Smelser, “Blues in Mississippi Curriculum.” Attendees may also choose one of the following: State Capitol curator Brenda Davis, “Mississippi’s State Capitol”; MDAH reference librarian De’Niecechsi Layton, “Genealogy in the Classroom”; and University of Southern Mississippi associate professor Deanne Nuwer, “Watering Places along the Mississippi Gulf Coast: The Roaring 1920s.”

The Social Studies Teachers Workshop is sponsored by Mississippi Department of Archives and History in conjunction with the Mississippi College School of Continuing Education, Mississippi Department of Education, and Mississippi Historical Society. For more information call 601-576-6800.

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