A PAIR OF SLIPPERS. – Every boy or girl will wonder what the little slippers in figure 3 are made of.  I am afraid if I wait for you to guess, you will never get them made, and I expect you will make several pairs before “St. Valentine’s Day.”  They are nothing in the world but peanut shells, and they are just as “cute” as can be.  Get a couple of peanuts, shaped as near alike as possible, cut an opening for the top with a sharp pen knife and slip the meat out.  It is a difficult matter to line the shell-slippers throughout, so just cut little insoles out of blue velvet or paper, and glue them on the bottom.  If you have a box of colors, you can paint the inside to match the color of the insoles, but this is not necessary.  A tiny bow of blue ribbon may be glued on the toe.  Tie them together with a piece of the ribbon.  Having the little slippers ready, you can mount them on a plain, white card, or upon a heart-shaped affair, as seen in figure 3.  A heart is cut out of pasteboard, and covered with red velvet or satin.  A spray of Forget-me-nots can be cut out of cretonne and pasted on, and the lettering painted on in blue.  The back has a piece of paper pasted over it.  It is attached to an arrow, which is sawed out of white wood and gilded.

American Agriculturist. February, 1886.

Reproduction valentine.