The Manship House was originally built on a brick pier foundation that had shifted substantially from the effects of the unstable Yazoo clay beneath it.  Over the years, the house had shifted over thirteen inches out of level and the foundation was no longer providing adequate support for the structure.  To bring the house into level, the brick piers will be replaced with thirty-six concrete piers set into the more stable clay about thirty-five feet deep.  Steel beams will be attached to the piers  and will support the entire house, including porches and chimneys.  Jacks were positioned underneath the house and used to carefully raise the lower sections of the house to the highest corner.

The house has been brought back into level, and the construction of drilled piers and grade beams around the perimeter of the house has been completed.  The re-leveled Manship House has been resting on temporary cribbing while work continues.  A series of structural steel beams will be installed underneath the house, attached to the concrete grade beams that will form a steel platform on which the house will rest.  This steel platform will distribute the weight of the house evenly and stabilize the house for continued preservation and restoration efforts.

Positioning a steel beam under the Manship House.

Constructing the structural steel frame.