Nineteenth century stereoview of the Cathedral of St. Gudule, Brussels, Belgium.

Following their ten-day voyage, the Manships spent a few days at the Smith family home.  From there, they traveled by train to Brussels, Belgium, by way of London, Dover, and Calais, France.  In Brussels they toured many cathedrals, museums, gardens, and galleries and attended performances and events.  Excursions took them to Antwerp, Cologne, and other sites in the area and to view ancient palaces and Roman ruins.  Manship described their arrival to Brussels in his journal:

…We reached Brussels at 5 & 1/4 oclock where we landed [at] the finest Passenger Depot I have ever seen anywhere.  Our party numbering eleven were detained until a deputation went up to the central part of the city to make arrangements for quarters for the whole crowd at the same house.  Taking lodgings at the Windsor Hotel temporarily.  European hotels are not equal to the Hotels of the United States any where we have been.  The table fare is medium good but the comforts & conveniences are deficient in comparison.  Brussels is noted for its laces, carpets and many other fine products.  Its iron works have a world wide fame and many articles excells [sic].  At Brussels travelers are expected to bring their soap along with them if they intend enjoying any of its clendsing [sic] effects after a dusty R.R. ride.  Knowing which our party was each armed with his or her cake of soap.  The water here is hard and some good jokes was indulged in at an effort to make the soap and water work well together.  A few of our party walked out after tea to see the beautiful display in the shop windows.  We noticed the wide use made of dogs in Brussels.  They are used to harness and are employed in doing work of the light drayage.  The milk carts are drawn by them exclusively and indeed all light drayage is done by them, and they work with a will but are certain true to their instincts and growl & snarl at any dog coming their way.

…Sunday 14th June.  Had breakfast at 8 1/2 oclock and all went to the Grand Cathedral St Michael De Guilde [sic] and listened to the great choir sing some splendid airs accompanying the service of the church.  This choir consists of one hundred of the best singers in Brussels and of course we were highly entertained.  After the Service ended we again stroled [sic] through the Wilderness of Collumns [sic] & defiles of the great building reexamining the beauties of the structure and the grand painting of the immence [sic] windows & the gilding & finish on its arched domes, which are splendid far beyond description…