Stereoview of Stirling Castle, Scotland.

Charles Henry Manship celebrated his 62nd birthday July 31, 1874, in Scotland.  He described the day in his journal:

Glasgow July 31st 1874

Went to the Clyde & examined the Steamer Utopia which had arrived the previous day.  She is a beautiful steamer about the same tonage of the Bolivia.  We expect to sail in her for America on 18th August.  Returned to the house at 1/2 past 2 oclock, had dinner and at 3 oclock started for Edinborough where we arrived at 6 in the evening – Were taken to the residences of Mr James S. Smith son in law to our friend Mr James Smith.  We were very kindly received by the family.  Spent a pleasant evening and being a little tired went to our beds early.

Edinborough Aug 1st 1874

After a very refreshing sleep had breakfast at 9 oclock and had a drive around this grand old city, the seat of learning and elegant life for Scotland.  We were driven to all the places of importance passing up Princes Street by the celebrated Scotts Monument Museum and many other fine Structures on our way to the Castle [Stirling Castle] which is built upon an Eminence rising 7 to 8 hundred feet above the Sea and is a Marvel of Natural Grandure.  On the side facing the city & the sea is perfectly perpendicular defying approach in these directions to the Summit but is of easy access from the rear a good carriage road up to the Castle gate.  Here we have a most splendid view of the city, the sea at two miles distance and the multitude of high hills & mountains surrounding the city in the rear.  We went into several of the apartments noted for events in the far back history of Scotland…