The Manship family, 1872. Call number: Z/1129.000 MDAH Collection

Charles Henry Manship and Adaline Daley were married on December 12, 1838.  The couple had fifteen children in twenty-five years; they lost their first two in infancy.  The first child to survive was Charles Henry Jr., born in 1843.  He was followed a year later by David, after whom there were twin girls who died in infancy.  Between 1849 and 1857, five more children were born.  It was at this time, twenty years after their marriage, with seven children under the age of fifteen, the Manships built their Gothic Revival style home on the outskirts of town.  Four more children would later be born, one of whom would die in infancy.  This composite photograph of the Manship family was taken in 1872 and includes all ten surviving children.  1. Charles Henry Manship, Sr.  2. Mrs. C. H. (Adaline Daley) Manship  3. Luther  4. Jessie  5. Addie  6. Jane D. (Jennie)  7. Florence  8. Minnie  9. Anna J.  10. David D. 11. Kate  12. Charles Henry Jr.