Probably taken shortly after the Civil War, the four oldest Manship children and relatives from the Daley family are pictured in this photograph.  From the top left are Charley and Dave Manship, Mollie Daley, Goldina Coates, Addie Manship (center), Kate Manship, and Jessie Irish.  In 1865, the Manship family included ten children ranging in age from one to twenty-two.  Charley and Dave both served in the Confederate Army and returned home after the war.  A few years later, Charley moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, where he married Mary Etta Friend.  Dave found employment as an engineer on the Illinois Central Railway in McComb City, and married Lucretia Martin in 1874.  Addie and Kate never married and both lived their entire lives in the Manship house.

Manship’s four eldest children and friends, ca. 1865. Call Number Z/1129.000 MDAH Collection