Golden Wedding announcement. Call number Z/1129.000 MDAH Collection

Charles Henry and Adaline Manship celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary December 12, 1888, surrounded by their ten surviving children, and numerous grandchildren.  The Jackson newspaper, The New Mississippian, December 12, 1888, described the special occasion:

Golden Wedding

    Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Manship to-day, at their lovely home, celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage.  This pleasant event which is vouchsafed to but few – very few, is also made the occasion of a happy family re-union, the first enjoyed by them in years.

     Mr. and Mrs. Manship were married just a half century ago, in this city, and their wedded union has been blessed with fifteen children, ten of whom still survive, all grown to the estate of man and womanhood; and it is a family of children, too, upon whom any parent might well look with pride and affection.  Mr. Manship has long since passed the allotted years of three-score and ten, and now enjoys the distinction of being Jackson’s oldest resident.  He and his estimable family passed in the very highest degree, the respect, confidence and esteem of the community; and we but echo the universal sentiment, when we wish the venerable couple many more years of companionship, ‘ere the sands in the glass of life shall have been run, secure in the love of their children and the affection of their friends.