Nineteenth century stereoview of a ship departing.

After nearly three months abroad, Charles Henry, Adaline, and Kate Manship bid farewell to their friends in Glasgow, and boarded the ship Utopia, bound for New York.  Charles Henry recorded their departure in his journal:

Saturday Aug 15th 1874

Being the day fixed for our departure, we were early astir packing & getting ready to leave.  At 12 oclock were on board our good ship all the friends down to see us off, the parting was painful to us all in the extreme, all feeling so imposed that we would scarcely meet again Especially the older ones of us.  At 2 oclock p.m. our mooring were cast loose and we were afloat for our far distant Home amid tears and the waving of handkerchiefs.  Slowly but steadily we lost sight of those dear friends who by their multiple acts of kindness had so entwined themselves around our hearts.  Reaching Greenock at about 4 oclock found a lighter with a large freight which consumed nearly 5 hours in getting aboard at 9 oclock we were again under way at 10 1/2 went to bed all being quite well, but still sad parting.

Sunday morning Aug 16th, at 6 oclock reached Morell where were detained about 3 hours awaiting steamer from Londonderry.  Got underway about 9 oclock with about 60 persons in the cabin and maybe 200 in the steerage.  The day bright & beautiful but fresh breese ahead the wind gradually arise to quite a heavy blow and towards night the sea was running very high indeed higher than we had seen on our trip out at any time the sea running to mountainous proportions.  Every body almost sea sick, Kate very sick and much alarmed.  Mrs. M sick but not aparantly much, I came up to the present I had no sickness gut occasionally quamish – went to bed but the roughness of the sea allowed of little sleep almost every body sick only 4 at my table.