The Manship House originally contained six fireplaces, built back to back, that formed three massive chimney stacks.  Estimated to weight about thirty tons each, the chimneys were not shifting at the same rate as the wooden sections of the house.  All of the chimneys, reconstructions from the earlier restoration, were completely demolished earlier in the project to facilitate re-leveling of the structure.  All six fireplaces will be completely reconstructed to their original appearance, but will not be functional.

Now that the majority of the work on the structural steel frame underneath the house has been completed, the steel frames for the chimneys can be constructed using that steel frame as a base.  This will insure that if any further shifting from the Yazoo clay occurs, there will be no differential movement between the chimneys and the house.  Once the construction of the steel chimney frames has been completed, the visible sections will be rebuilt using the frame as a base.

Constructing the steel chimney tower.

Master bedroom chimney tower.