Now that construction of the three steel chimney tower frames has been completed, the visible brick portions can be reconstructed.  The steel chimney tower frames, anchored to the steel frame underneath the house, will support the new brick chimney stacks.  The steel chimney frames replace the old heavy interior brick towers that had contributed to the differential movement of the house and foundation.  Each of the three chimney stacks will be reconstructed to the same dimensions as the original chimneys, but will not be functional.

Reconstructing the south west chimney stack.

The design of the Manship House was probably inspired by Design XXIV - A Cottage – Villa in the Rural Gothic Style, in Alexander Jackson Downing’s The Architecture of Country Houses, a popular pattern book published in 1850.  In The Architecture of Country Houses, Downing describes the effect of the chimney design for Design XXIV:

…The high pointed gable of the central and highest part of this design has a bold and spirited effect, which would be out of keeping with the cottage-like modesty of the drooping, hipped roof, were it not for the equally bold manner in which the chimney-tops spring upwards.  Altogether, then, we should say that the character expressed by the exterior of this design is that of a man or family of domestic tastes, but with strong aspirations after something higher than social pleasures….

Design XXIV – A Cottage Villa in the Rural Gothic Style.