Charles Henry Manship Jr. and Thomas Stuart. Call Number Z/1129.000, MDAH Collection.

Charles Henry Manship Jr. (born 2/16/1843, died 2/2/1911) enlisted in the Tenth Mississippi Rifles, Company A, as a private under Captain Robert A. Smith.  In 1861, the Tenth Mississippi escorted the Hon. Jefferson Davis on his way to Alabama and Tennessee.  Charles Henry Jr. and the Tenth Mississippi were involved in numerous skirmishes and battles.  After the Civil War, Charles Henry Jr. went as far north as the river would carry him, settling in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He married Mary Etta Friend in 1870, and the couple had seven children.  Their youngest child, Paul Manship, was a noted sculptor, perhaps best known for his Prometheus sculpture in Rockefeller Center, New York.