Stereoview of New York City from East River Bridge.

The Manships traveled aboard the Utopia, reaching New York City after a twelve day journey at sea from Glasgow, Scotland.  After spending one night in New York, they traveled by rail to Niagara Falls and continued on to Chicago, where they admired the new buildings constructed after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  Charles Henry and Adaline sent Kate home on the train, and continued on toward St. Paul, Minnesota to visit their son and new grandchild.  Charles Henry described their travels in his journal:

Thursday Aug 27th 1874

Found us at quarenteens at the port of New York all well.  We put at the Pacific Hotel where we stopped on our outward bound trip.  Got good airy front rooms.  Went up to Glewarts in the afternoon & made some purchases was at home to tea & early to bed having lost much rest the later days of the voyage.  Had a good nights rest & was much refreshed thereby.

Friday Aug 28th 1874

Went up & bought my tickets and after attending to some little business returned to our room & completed packing up preparatory to a start at 7 oclock P.M. by Erie Rail Road through by way of Niagara Falls & Canada taking RR Coach at Jersey City at Seven oclock PM

Saturday Aug 29th 1874

After a hard nights run and abortive efforts to sleep, reached Niagara Falls & crossed Suspension Bridge in full view of all the falls but at such a distance as to listen very greatly the grandeur of the Scene.  Changing Coach for Detroit again under way & the P.M. reaching Detroit at 10 P.M. without change of car for Chicago where we arrived at 8 oclock next morning all well.

Sunday Aug 30th 1874

Went to Hotel & at 8 1/2 oclock took breakfast went to our room washed up a little and made an effort to rest.  Not very successful however.  I took a strole for an hour through what is called the old burnt district, now generally replaced by for the most part Magnificent buildings I have seen in Europe or America indeed Chicago is unsurpassed as far as splendor & quantity of fine buildings all considered.  In the afternoon my wife Kate & myself had another strole around the city for over an hour and were amazed at the truly grand display in architecture on every hand.  Returned to our hotel, had Tea and at 8 oclock PM seated Kate on train for Home.  Wife and Self taking 10 oclock train for St Paul.