Cost of goods in 1867.  Call number Z/1129.000 MDAH collection.

Adaline Manship’s life was one of service, caring for her children and family circle.  She would have been responsible for the household sewing, and purchasing goods for her home and family.  During the Civil War, Adaline Manship was a member of the Ladies Sewing Society for Confederate Soldiers, whose purpose was to furnish clothing and other supplies to the soldiers.  They fitted out men with uniforms, and provided them with knitted cotton socks and other items of clothing.  In a letter from family friend John McAdam, Scotland, to Charles Henry Manship in 1875, McAdam relates his memory of “cheery Mrs. Manship’s quaint descriptions of your makeshifts for food and clothing,” her accounts of the family’s condition during the Civil War, the difficulties obtaining food and clothing for her family, and sending the children to school in old bagging with “Cincinnati Flour” printed on them.