Nineteenth century stereoview of the Wallace Monument and Abbey Craig, Stirling, Scotland.

After the Manships returned to Glasgow, Scotland, they toured the city of Sterling upon the invitation of Mr. George Ure, a business associate of James Smith.  Manship described their visit in his journal, in his own words:

Tuesday July 13th 1874

Mr Geo Ure Sen[ior] invited my wife & self to visit the old historic City of Sterling we accepted & at 11 oclock his Splendid Waggonette was at the door with his footman as driver and his Coach Dog as outside.  Convay to this ancient and highly renowned old City a drive of nine mile brought in to the Hotel where we alighted there leaving our wrappings proceeded at once to Sterling Castle hear from its grand old dizzy hights a view incomparable break on this vision.  A beautiful valley of about 2 miles wide with a Serpent like winding of the River extending as far each way up and down as the eye will reach.  With lofty mountains reaching away up into the vast heavins in beautiful variety of lofty & still more lofty peaks all of which have their names and are closely linked in some terabel conflict of romance, War & poetry.  Oposit Sterling Castle & about Midway across the valley beneath rises Abby Craig wheron stands Bruces Monument, a beautiful specimen of Monumental Architecture.  This Craig rises 400 feet high & is about 40 feet higher than the castle hights as we were informed at this point, being as it were the throat of a great vally between the North & South of Scotland  Most of the great conflicts have been had and hear they have usually ended in favour of the Scotts in the castle we were shown many curious relics, the Pulpit from which Knox preached & his communion table, the chair where sat Mary Queen of Scotts & some other Sovereign.  We each sat down in thou old chairs.  Bought a fine mentory [momento] of the castle, after a ramble through the old castle grounds & looking at the great old structure returned to the Hotel and dinner then taking a Hack had a drive through the best part of the city and around the base of Sterling Castle.  It was as wonderful from below as its top…