Charles Henry Manship, Jr. Call number Z/1129.000 MDAH Collection.

Charles Henry and Adaline Manship arrived in St. Paul, Minnesota on August 31st, 1874, just days after the birth of a new granddaughter.  They spent the next two weeks enjoying the company of their oldest son and family, and visiting some of the local attractions.  Early in the morning on September 15th, they boarded the train for home, and arrived in Jackson late in the evening September 17th, weary, but happy to see their own family after a long journey abroad.  Charles Henry Manship continued writing daily journal entries until they reached home.

Monday, Aug 31st 1874

…Arrived at St Paul at 5 20 oclock P.M. where taking cab were soon in company with our son Charly & drove to his home where we found his wife in bed with a Daughter 4 days old.  Each of them being as proud of it as young parents usually get to be on such occasions.  After a good wash had tea & early to bed for a good nights rest something we had been strangers to for quite a time.

Monday Sept 14th 1874

Was occupied in making our preparations for our early start next day for our home having calls to make & to receive ocupying most of the day.  Lizzie & Mrs. F coming up in the evening with Luncheon for our travels which was very nice…

Wednesday Morning Sept 16th 1874

Found us at 7 oclock at the beautiful city of Chicago beautiful in her Ruins and Mortgages.  Mortgages covering in all probability every cents-worth of property in her great limits.  Still Chicago is the Queen City of the Earth, the Style & Grandeur of her buildings almost defies competition.  Our transit through the city carried us directly thro the old Burnt district and reminded me of the sad appearance of our own doomed little city of Jackson after our Northern brethren had paid us their friendly visits during the late unpleasantness, So called

Thursday Morning Sept. 17th 1874

Found us on the south side of the line in Kentucky, on the Mississippi Central RR all along which road to Jackson the blighted and terabil drouth had done its work, most effectually leaving the husbandman scarcely any fruits of his toil, it was indeed sickening…

…at 10 oclock & 40 minutes brought us to anchor at our Station at Jackson where our Girls & some few friends were in waiting & after a hearty embrace started for home, awoke the children and had a kiss around a cup of tea & at 1/2 past 12 went to bed & had a good nights rest

End of journal entries.