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Z 1032.000

1853 - 1930

Letters, journals and diaries of the family of Thomas M. Wetherill, who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and later lived in Laurel Hill, Louisiana, and Woodville. Wetherill, the grandson of Samuel Wetherill of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, married Sarah Smith, granddaughter of Judge Coatsworth Pinckney Smith of Wilkinson County.

The majority of the letters (18811888) are from C. P. (Worth) Wetherill to his father, T. M. Wetherill, at Woodville. The letters were written from Philadelphia and Reading, Pennsylvania; New Orleans, Louisiana; Birmingham, Alabama; and St. Louis, Missouri, where Worth Wetherill was learning a trade and attempting to establish himself in business, apparently without success. He returned to his father's home in Woodville very ill, where he died on February 8, l888.

Most of the volumes are journals kept by Julia K. (Wetherill) Baker (18571931). Julia Kein Wetherill was born in Woodville, educated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved to New Orleans, in l884, and in 1886 married Marion A. Baker, who with his two brothers operated the Times-Democrat, which later became the Times-Picayune.

Mrs. Baker was Sunday editor of the Times-Picayune, according to the New Orleans City Directory of 1916. She was a poet, editorial writer, short story writer, novelist, and columnist. Among other periodicals, her work appeared in Lippincott's Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, the Century, and the Critic. She wrote "Literary Pathways," a book review column, and "Innocent Bystander," a column concerning the theatre and music, both of which appeared in the New Orleans newspapers. Mrs. Baker died on July 25, 1931, with the funeral at Christ Church Cathedral, and burial in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3.

  • Volume 1. 18531857: No entries for 1854, 1855 and 1856. Several pages apparently written by Julia K. Wetherill Baker, with no indication of date.
  • Volume 2. 18681869: with some entries for 1876.
  • Volume 3. 18761877: "Autograph book of Julie K. Wetherill, Centennial, July 1, 1876".
  • Volume 4. "Notes by M. A. Baker, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 23, 1879". The major portion of this volume apparently is writings by Julia K. Wetherill Baker, with no indication date.
  • Volume 5. 18851898: Financial accounts, apparently made by T. M. Wetherill.
  • Volume 6. 1897: First page, "Thomas M. Wetherill, office U.S. Mint, N. O., Residence with Mr. M. A. Baker, 924 Orleans Street." Various entries concerning affairs at the Mint. Detailed daily accounts of yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans, with comments on conditions in towns on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
  • Volumes 726 are diaries of Julia K. Wetherill Baker.
  • Volume 7. 1902
  • Volume 8. 1903
  • Volume 9. 1911
  • Volume 10. 1912
  • Volume 11. 19131915
  • Volume 12. 1914
  • Volume 13. 1916
  • Volume 14. 1917
  • Volume 15. 1919
  • Volume 16. 1920
  • Volume 17. 1921
  • Volume 18. 1922
  • Volume 19. 1923
  • Volume 20. 1924
  • Volume 21. 1925
  • Volume 22. 1926
  • Volume 23. 1927
  • Volume 24. 1928
  • Volume 25. 1929
  • Volume 26. 1930

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