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Jefferson Military College Foundation

The Jefferson Military College Foundation is a private, non-profit organization composed of former students, faculty, and friends of the school. Founded in 1980 as the "Jefferson Military College Alumni Association," the organization has expanded to welcome family members and friends of students and faculty, and anyone interested in the preservation of Historic Jefferson College.

The Foundation is active in assisting the Mississippi Department of Archives and History with the preservation of Historic Jefferson College. In the 1990s, the organization played a vital role in the state's acquisition of property near the school, safeguarding the historic site's tranquil setting. Currently, the Foundation is raising funds through its Memorial Brick Walk Project to assist with the renovation of a 1915 dormitory building for use as a museum about the school's 20th century history.

Membership and Newsletter

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the school. Annual dues are $50.00. (Please mail your check payable to the JMC Foundation to: Lynwood Easterling, Treasurer, JMC Foundation, P.O. Box 11, Washington, MS 39190.)

In addition to helping support the Foundation's work, members receive a quarterly newsletter with stories by former students and faculty, updates on Foundation projects, reunion plans, and news about programs and events at Historic Jefferson College.

Memorial Brick Walk

The Foundation recently completed the first section of a Memorial Brick Walk honoring almost 200 people who have been associated with the school in some way. As new bricks are purchased, additional sections of the walk will be completed. Inscribed bricks are $50.00 each. Anyone interested in purchasing Memorial Bricks can contact Historic Jefferson College for information and order forms:

Phone: 601-442-2901
Postal address: Historic Jefferson College, P.O. Box 700, Washington, Mississippi 39190.

Annual Reunion

The Foundation holds an annual reunion for all classes featuring a barbecue on campus, a banquet with guest speakers, and lots of reminiscing. The next rmeeting and reunion will be held April 8-9, 2011. Call 601-442-2901 for information.

Foundation Officers for 2010–2011

  • President, Edward Cailleteau
  • Mike Keller, Vice President
  • Lynwood Easterling, Treasurer
  • Jim Barnett, Secretary


Jefferson College, incorporated by an act of the first General Assembly of the Mississippi Territory in 1802, was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson. After years of initial financial difficulties, Jefferson College opened as a preparatory school in 1811. The outbreak of the Civil War forced the closing of Jefferson College in 1863. It reopened in 1866 and remained a preparatory school until 1964. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the school had become known as Jefferson Military College. Declining enrollment forced the closing of the school.

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