MDAH Historic Preservation

Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan for the State of Mississippi 2011-2016

The Historic Preservation Division of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History is responsible for the development and implementation of a Statewide Preservation Plan under requirements by the National Park Services. The Plan addresses the preservation of Mississippi's historic and cultural resources, including architectural, historic and prehistoric properties. The Plan identifies the trends affecting and impacting historic and cultural resources so that informed decisions can be made about the management and care of these properties. Individuals, private businesses, community groups, local governments, and state and federal agencies can and should be active participants in the implementation of this Plan. Unfortunately, Mississippi does not have a statewide, coordinated governmental planning program to hold state agencies and local governments accountable for implementation of this Plan. However, the development of private-public partnerships among these groups to meet the preservation goals of the state of Mississippi will result in implementation of the Plan.

(PDF documents; free Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

The Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan for the State of Mississippi is also available as a single PDF file (18 pages, 117kb).

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