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Archaeological Records

The departmentís archaeological records are available for research to archaeological consultants in the Archaeological Search Room on the first floor of the Charlotte Capers Archives and History Building, 100 South State Street. Effective July 2006, access to the Archaeological Search Room will be made available by appointment only. Appointments may be made Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling 601-576-6940 or emailing

Archaeological Surveys

Archaeological surveys identify and record historic and prehistoric sites where there are typically no surviving structures. MDAH has established guidelines for conducting surveys and may provide funding and management assistance. A referral list of consultants is provided by MDAH.

Site Cards Checklist

106 Reports Guidelines Checklist Phase 1 under 100

106 Reports Guidelines Checklist Phase I over 100

106 Reports Guidelines Checklist Phase II

106 Reports Guidelines Checklist Phase III

Archaeological Consultants List

This is a list of individuals who have represented themselves as being willing and qualified to do archaeological survey work in Mississippi. The list has been compiled merely as a public service by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and in no way constitutes a certified, recommended, or preferred list of archaeologists. It should be understood that there may be other individuals who are willing to do survey work. As with any consultant/contract work, fees do vary and we suggest you compare the services offered.

Archaeological Consultants List (PDF)

Consultants wishing to be placed on the list should send vitas to Please refer to the Guidelines for necessary qualifications.

Perspectives in Archaeology

Articles by professional archaeologists and historians

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