Native Americans Traveling Trunk

Native American Traveling TrunkThe Native Americans Traveling Trunk has suggested lesson plans and activities for a one- week to two-week teaching unit. Lessons focus on Choctaw and Chickasaw origins (illustrated in the tale "The Big White Dog and the Sacred Pole"), music, dance, and games. Included are an audiocassette of Chickasaw songs, a turtleshell rattle, and information on the Native American game of stickball, with a set of sticks and ball.

Other items in this trunk include a human-effigy pipe bowl, corn-mother seed jar, engraved stone paint palette, chipped stone arrow and spear points, and a tanned deer hide.

A videocassette on "Tribes of the Southeast" provides an overview of Indian cultures from this region. Display boards help illustrate Native American activities and material culture. Books, coloring books, and pamphlets provide additional information on the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Tunica, and Natchez tribes.

Turtleshell rattle

In the concluding unit on Native American foods, teachers and students are encouraged to prepare a Native American dish and share it with their classmates. Several recipes are provided.

The Traveling Trunk Program was developed for use with fourth- through twelfth-grade classes. Trunks are available September through November and January through May. The trunks are designed to be used as a one- to two-week unit and will be shipped the week before they are to be used in the classroom to allow the teacher to become familiar with the contents. The trunks should be returned on the Monday following the completion of the teaching unit. Trunks must be shipped FedEx, USPS, or UPS and insured for $500. Teachers may choose to transport the trunks to the Museum themselves. The Traveling Trunk Program was developed with funding from the Phil Hardin Foundation of Meridian. Additional funding was provided by BellSouth and BellSouth Pioneers.

For more information or to book this trunk call 601-576-6800.

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