Built For Comfort: The Manship House Traveling Trunk

Accompanying literature for the trunkClimate and geography have affected the lives of Mississippians dramatically throughout history. Built for Comfort: The Manship House traveling trunk compares modern methods of climate control to those employed during the nineteenth century. Activities follow the Mississippi Studies framework: students compare historical and modern maps, graph weather patterns, and compare and contrast geographical details evident in old photographs of the Manship House with those of the site today.

The Built for Comfort trunk includes a CD with lesson plans and a virtual tour of the Manship House Museum. There is also a three-ring binder containing all materials for classes without the resources to use the CD.

Built for Comfort includes a recommended three-day lesson plan, but additional resources allow teachers to expand on that. In the first unit students explore how climate affects everyday life through a study of the ten geographical regions of Mississippi and by graphing weather patterns.

Contents of the trunkThe second unit focuses on objects and documents in the trunk related to weather and the environment. Students form small groups, analyze these materials, and then report their findings to the class.

In the third unit students tour the Manship House Museum. If the class is unable to visit the museum, students may use the included CD with classroom computers to take a virtual tour or view photographs of the house provided with the trunk. Students will observe methods this nineteenth-century family employed to survive Mississippi summers before electricity and air conditioning.

Supplemental sources include Walk Around the Block, a sourcebook of activities to help students gather clues about the history of their own neighborhoods; Under Every Roof, a field guide to architecture written especially for children; and Structural Design Challenges, a book of design technology activities.

Funding for Built for Comfort: The Manship House traveling trunk was provided by the National Geographic Society's Mississippi Geography Education Fund. The Traveling Trunk Program was developed for use with fourth- through twelfth-grade classes. Trunks are available September through November and January through May. The trunks are designed to be used as a one- to two-week unit and will be shipped the week before they are to be used in the classroom to allow the teacher to become familiar with the contents. The trunks should be returned on the Monday following the completion of the teaching unit. Trunks must be shipped FedEx, USPS, or UPS and insured for $500. Teachers may choose to transport the trunks to the museum themselves. The Traveling Trunk Program was developed with funding from the Phil Hardin Foundation of Meridian.

For more information or to book this trunk call 601-576-6800.

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