Research Requests

Archives staff will conduct one hour of free research for in-state requests. These requests may be sent via email, but please include a Mississippi mailing address to which results of staff-conducted research will be sent.

A $27 fee is charged for one hour of staff research conducted for out-of-state residents. Mail your research question(s); a check or money order for $27 payable to MDAH, Archives and Records Services; and an address to which results will be sent.

Direct research requests to:
Reference Request
Archives and Records Services
P.O. Box 571
Jackson, MS 39205-0571

Until further notice, orders for archival film footage from the news film collection at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History may be significantly delayed. Requests for information on turnaround times and approximate delivery dates may be addressed to the reference desk.

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How to Request Research

A list of freelance researchers is maintained for more extensive projects.

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