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There are many programs for schools and civic groups available through the state archives, ranging from tours of the archives to presentations in the classroom. Programs run twenty minutes to an hour and are offered at no cost. To book a speaker, email the archives or call 601-576-6873.


Introduction to the Archives
Not Your Granny’s Card Catalog: The MDAH Online Catalog
Using County Records
Beginning Genealogy
Tracing Your African American Ancestors
African American Resources at MDAH
Researching Freedman’s Bureau Records
Native American Resources at MDAH
Military Research at MDAH
Conserving Your Family Photographs
Historical Images in the Archives Photo Collection
Medical Resources in the Mississippi Archives
Talks and Tours Along the River
“We Gather Together”: Thanksgiving in Mississippi History


The state archives is located in the William F. Winter Archives and History Building in downtown Jackson. The facility is open throughout the week for tours by high school and college-level classes and other interested groups. Visitors will see a brief overview of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History before touring both public areas and sections closed to patrons. Tours can be completed in as little as thirty minutes or can last more than an hour with the accompanying presentation. To book a tour, email the archives or call 601-576-6998.

Students looking for information on Mississippi may wish to request the excellent Mississippi Souvenir Booklet from the Secretary of State’s office. The publication is also available as a free download from the Secretary of State’s Web site.

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