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"Pay Us a Visit the next time you're near our store. Our line of merchandise is always up-to-date and the prices are sure to please you. A dollar does it's duty at our store. If you've never favored us with your patronage we hope you will make us a visit soon, so we may show you just how well we can treat you. Our old customers will always find something new in addition to our usual good assortment of staple merchandise. For your home dyeing use Putnam Fadeless Dyes. They color silk, wool and cotton at one operation. Go farther and produce brighter, faster shades than other dyes. W. J. Sulm, Canton, Miss."

On November 13, 1991, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History acquired approximately 4600 color and black-and-white postcards from Forrest Lamar Cooper, a former Senior Customer Service Agent with Delta Air Lines. The theme of the collection is Mississippiana, and Cooper especially focused on scenes of small towns, mineral springs, agricultural and forestry activities, and railroads. The cards span the years 1892 to the 1940s and depict people and places from seventy-seven of Mississippi's eighty-two counties, and even three other states (Illinois, Massachusetts, and Tennessee).

The cards were scanned in the roughly geographical order into which Cooper arranged them. Images may be searched by keywords (description, city, county, state) or browsed by clicking on the "Browse Collection" link below. Descriptions for all of the cards in the collection are accessible through the MDAH Online Catalog record for the Cooper (Forrest Lamar) Postcard Collection.

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