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Mississippi, A Pictorial History, 1798-1937, Arranged by Mississippi Historical Research, a W.P.A. Project, 1936-1937

"Old Hebron Academy. In 1860, a public-spirited citizen of Brandon, Rankin County, Dave Dixon deeded a plot of 40 acres of land, to the trustees of school, located about 4 1/2 miles southeast of Brandon for the purpose of providing a school in that locality. John Yost, of Brandon, was the builder and the stone was shaped and set by capable stone-masons from the north until war between the states commenced, from which time slave labor, from nearby plantations was used to complete it. The name 'Hebron' (Alliance or Friendly Union) was the name given the school by Mrs. Sam Hobson. Louis Fitzhugh, who later founded Belhaven (women's) College, in Jackson, Miss., and a Miss Gregg were it's first teachers. After a time of abandonment and disuse the property was converted (1934) into a Recreational Park and recently the building was restored and will remain as a monument to the pioneering educators of Mississippi."