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Mississippi, A Pictorial History, 1798-1937, Arranged by Mississippi Historical Research, a W.P.A. Project, 1936-1937

Top: "Left: A beautiful azalea shrub (Azalea Vittata-Fortenui) Mrs. F. W. Foote's Garden Hattiesburg, Forrest County." Top right: "Above: 'Linden', Lake Washington, Washington County, on the site where stood the first log house built in that county. 'Linden' is a modern home with broad lawns and beautiful gardens." Center: "Melrose: Natchez, Adams Co., wild azaleas in pink and white give a pleasing aspect to this lovely old home." Bottom left: "Above: A quaint, rustic backyard garden of Governor Holmes old mansion is one of the interesting places at Natchez, Adams County." Bottom right: "Below: 'Magnolia Vale' A view of Brown's Garden, at Natchez. This once beautiful garden has been eaten away by Mississippi River and but a small part remains."