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Mississippi, A Pictorial History, 1798-1937, Arranged by Mississippi Historical Research, a W.P.A. Project, 1936-1937

Top left: "Above: The entrance to the home of Miss Nellie White, at Hernandez, DeSoto County. A beautiful example of iron work, delightfully though intricately designed, a masterpiece of pattern-making and moulders art." Top right: "Above: Stoney Lonesome, at Pontotoc was constructed in 1849 for Joel Pinson about 3 miles from that town in what was then wilderness. The elder Pinson made of it a gift to his son Sam, who brought his bride, Mary J. Franklin from Tennessee. The property now (1937) is in the hands of R. B. Calloway." Center left: "Above: Stone House, Oxford, Lafayette County. Built before the war between States. Popularly known as the 'Old Haunted House'. It was the abode of Mr. and Mrs. Buck Avent." Center right: "Below - 'Dead House' on the campus of the University, Oxford, Lafayette County, built 'before the war' it one of the oldest buildings at that place. It gained it's name from the fact that it was used as a morgue where dead soldiers were kept preparatory to burial, during the Civil War." Bottom: "Right: Nine miles east of Greenwood is this great rambling structure 'Malmaison'; four generations of Le Flore's have occupied it since Greenwood Le Flore, last and powerful Choctaw chieftan built it in 1854. Mrs. F. E. Montgomery, great granddaughter of the founder is the present occupant and owner."