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Mississippi, A Pictorial History, 1798-1937, Arranged by Mississippi Historical Research, a W.P.A. Project, 1936-1937

Top: "Left: At Improve, Marion County, stands the John Watts Home. Built early in the past century it has been the home of that family continuously. 92 years old Mrs. John Watts who died 1936 was born there as was her father." Center right: "Below: On the Chatham Plantation, Washington County, is this brick negro cabin, it is interesting for it rareness as the cabins built for slaves were usually of logs taken from nearby forests." Center left: "Below: The Henry home, near Center Grove, Oktibbeha County, was built about 1830. It is now occupied by Isham and Miss Queenie Henry, it is unchanged except for the addition of the upper story." Bottom left: "In Scott County, in a corner of the Forest Community House repose the relics of pioneering ingenuity and craftmanship … a hand whittled and fashioned spinning-wheel and a hand-fashioned chair - they are the property of Lessie Harrison Gatewood, to whom they were given by her great-grandmother Mrs. Samantha Rawls." Bottom right: "Below: The Carpenter home Starkville, Oktibbeha County, built about 1830 is still owned by and is occupied by family members."