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Pictorial History, South Mississippi … WPA Mississippi Historical Research Project, 1936-1937

Top left: "Gen. Grant meets Confederate Gen. Pemberton behind Confederate lines. Photo reproduction from old copy of Frank Leslie's. Siege of Vicksburg." "Siege of Vicksburg - General Grant meeting the rebel General Pemberton at the Stone House inside the rebel works, on the morning of July - from a sketch by our … artist, Fred. B. Schell." Top right: "Siege of Vicksburg. Gen. Grants army entering Vicksburg - July 4, 1863." "Triumphal entrance of Gen. Grant's army into Vicksburg, July 4 - from a sketch by our special artist, Fred. B. Schell." Center left: "Above: Old fashioned well - Harrison County." Center right: "Center-Right. Furnace, Fort Massachusetts Ship Island, Harrison County - used for melting lead to be cast into rifle shot." Bottom right: "Lower right: Fort Massachusetts, Ship Island, Harrison County. This old fort has been purchased by the American Legion."