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Pictorial History, South Mississippi … WPA Mississippi Historical Research Project, 1936-1937

Top left: "Left - The 'Mississippi' early type steam locomotive - copied from an old photograph. Wood, for which frequent stops were necessary, was the fuel used. The tender bears the dates 1836-1837 & 1838. Was in the service of Natchez & Hamburg R.R." Center right: "Right: This interest house known as the 'Red Brick House' was built in 1857 for Christoval Toledano, the architect, John Marie Pradat who came to New Orleans from France. The lumber and timbers were taken from nearby forest while the brick handmade by slaves from clay of Biloxi Back Bay. This old home in East Beach, Biloxi, Harrison County is still in excellent repair." Center left: "At Magnolia and Water Streets is this, what is reputed to be one of the oldest buildings in Biloxi, Harrison County. Built about 1826 by Jacob Elmer who brought the brick and slate used in its construction from Europe it being used as ballast on a sailing ship. It is at this time (1937) owned and occupied by Mrs. Byrd Enochs, granddaughter of the builder." Bottom right: "Right: House with the Iron Bannisters East Beach, Biloxi, Harrison County. Part of the old Pradat Hotel, famous hostelry of yesteryear."