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Pictorial History, South Mississippi … WPA Mississippi Historical Research Project, 1936-1937

Top left: "Left: the sentinel - Hancock County - this venerable oak marks the site of Gainsville." Top right: "Above: Shackleford Spring, Cannonsburg, Jefferson County - where General Andrew Jackson's weary troops camped and refreshed themselves while marching against the British during the war of 1812." Center: "Left center: Jackson Landing, Mulatto Bayou, Hancock - received that name, for it was, at this spot that General Jackson landed his troops on his historic march during the War of 1812." Center: "Above: Cherry bed, The Mound, Cannonsburg, Jefferson County - occupied by General Andrew Jackson when visiting here." Bottom: "Left bottom: Marker - Copiah County - showing the location of the Copiah County court house at Gallatin 1823 to 1872."