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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

Top left: "Above: 'Tennessee Belle', moored at Greenville, Miss., at one time a well patronized river packet, now only used as a freighter plying between Greenville and New Orleans. The Tennessee Belle was used in the 'movies' in the pictures 'Great Day' and 'Wet Parade' portraying river life and customs." Top right: "Another interesting view of the Greenville Municipal (Mississippi) River Terminal. A thoroughly modern floating dock, where much of the famous delta cotton is transported to the buyers. This terminal-dock is anchored to a modern concrete-steel wharf part of which is built into and is a part of the levee." Center: "Above center: It might have easily been taken forty or fifty years sooner than 1938 but it is a typical scene at a Yazoo River ferry landing where there is no bridge, but plenty of business." Bottom left: "A representative view of levee that is designed to keep old man (Mississippi) river away from Greenville's door - note the automobiles on the riverside of the levee." Bottom right: "Below: View of the Mississippi River Levee, near Rosedale, Bolivar County, showing a herd of fine Jersey dairy cattle grazing on the inside slope that has been planted with Bermuda grass to prevent erosion."