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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

Top: "Left: A turpentine still near Wiggins, Stone County. One of the important industries of Mississippi is the production of turpentine spirits and rosin from the raw sap of the pine trees. This raw sap procured by bleeding, (cutting or scoring the bark of the tree) the sap being caught in cups fastened to the tree at the bottom of the cut. The gum is collected and distilled in a plant such as the one shown." Center: "Right: A cotton oil mill in Leflore County. The mill shown is the largest one of its kind in Mississippi. It is in such plants, of which there are many, that the cottonseed recovered after ginning, is handled for obtaining the valuable cottonseed oil. This oil is refined and finds use in the kitchens of the world as cooking fat and salad oils. Other products are linters (short cotton fiber from the seed), cottonseed meal (stock food) fertilizer and other by-products." Bottom: "Left: A pickle factory at Wiggins, Stone County. This one of the varied industries of Mississippi. Its scope can be judged by the size and number of the vats shown in the foreground. The factory is operated by a well known national distributor who obtain the raw materials from local truck farms for processing and packaging…."