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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

Top left: "Butter churns in the Mississippi A. & M. (College) Co-operative Creamery at Starksville, (1938) making butter from sweet cream. All of the Butter made in this plant is of the highest quality and is recognized as a standard for comparison." Top right: "Another section of the A & M Cooperative Creamery. Butter being prepared for packaging and shipment." Center left: "Milk condensary at Kosciusko, of a well known national distributor and manufacturer of evaporated milk." Center right: "Another one of Mississippi's condensaries located at Tupelo, Lee County; operated by a great manufacturer of evaporated milk." Bottom left: "Located at Brookhaven, Lincoln County is another of Mississippi's many creameries. One of the principle industries of the State is that of dairying, contributing millions of dollars of wealth to the State." Bottom right: "At Winona, Montgomery County, is located the cheese factory, operated by a large national manufacturer of almost every well know type of cheese and specially blended cheese 'spreads'."