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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

"Dairying, in Mississippi, as a business has reached great proportions and takes it place among the leading dollar producers for those so engaged. The magnitude of operations in this field can be appreciated when it is taken into account that 20 creameries produced 6,000,050 lbs. of butter; 4 condensaries utilized butterfat to the amount of 4,678,000 lbs.; 14 cheese factories utilized 9,316,000 lbs., ice cream factories produced 1,463,000 gallons. Upper left: Milking time at a creamery in Lincoln County. Center left and Center right: shows two views of the Borden Plantation, in Granada County. Note the elaborate brick silos. Lower left: Silo, at Seneca, of cement block construction, capable of insuring green food for winter stock feed. Upper right: Young cattle grazing in a pecan grove, in Lamar County, combining pecan growing and stock raising has proven successful to this industrious planter. Lower right: A modern and well appointed dairy in Marion County, showing a well kept herd of fine Jersey milk cows. State department of agriculture placed returns for 1937 from the sale of dairy product to commercial plants at $12,110,000."