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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

"Although Mississippi's great forests of timber have been worked assiduously for many years it still continues to yield it treasures to the swinging axe and singing saw. Left: a log train on the way from the woods to the mill, note the size of the logs compared with the man. Right: unloading the log train at the mill - where it will soon become lumber. Center left: An old water mill at Richton, Perry County, built in 1851, it is (1938) still in use. Such mills provided the lumber and other milled commodities of the days gone by - they have been replaced by more modern mills such as that shown at Center right - the sawmill at Crosby that cut two-million feet in August 1936…. Lower left: lumber stacked in a mill yard, Kemper County there is approximately 300,000 board feet represented in these stacks, which are but a small amount of the yard stocks of this modern Electric Mill. Lower right: high-grade finished lumber in the Electric Mill at Kemper County; not a knot in sight…."