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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

"While much of Mississippi's great forests have been cut over the lumber industry is still of commanding importance, as is evidenced by the numbers of plants througout the State engaged manufacturing a variety of products from those forests. Left: A grove of trees of the pine family that have been tapped the resinous gum from which pure gum spirits will be distilled, in Hancock County. Right: A grove of second growth pines near Jacksons Landing where care was observed to prevent fires destroying seedlings - shows a healthy new forest in the making. Center left and center right are two views of the Masonite Plant at Laurel, Jones County, which uses approximately 125,000 cords of wood and sells nearly 400,000,000 feet of its product yearly. Shipments of the products of Masonite (a synthetic board material) go to every state in U.S. and 30 foreign countries. There is but one other such plant in the world (1938). Lower left: A pine oil plant, said to be largest of its kind in U.S.A. is located in Forrest County and like others in the State obtain products from pine stumps by destructive distillation. Lower Right: A pine oil plant at Gulfport like the one on the left derives products from pine stumps. Much of turpentine used commercially is produced in such plants as well as other pine tar distillates."