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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

Top left: "Rosalba Mill. Erected in early 1850s for Col. Richard Bolton, with slave labor, at Rosalba Lake, Pontotoc County. Originally a flour and a sawmill with a cotton gin being added later. It was finally demolished and Resort built on the spot." Top right: Primative Grain Mill. Installed at the site of the Adamsville Post office and Community Drug Store (the first log house at the right) has seen many years of service and is still in use. (Greene County)." Center: "In the sugar cane country such scenes as this are common. While sugar cane grows in almost all parts of the state it is especially prolific in the southern counties. The picture above was taken near Woodville, Wilkinson County." Bottom left: "Near Montecello, Lawrence County is the old fashioned cane mill shown above. Note the open pan 'cooker' (evaporator) where the pressed cane juice is boiled down to the proper consistency for commercial cane syrup, which is put into cans for the market." Bottom right: "From Walthal County, near Tylertown, where this picture was made, comes much of Mississippi's famous sugar cane syrup whose market is eventually all the states in the U.S.A. Growing sugar cane is one of Mississippi's chief agricultural and industrial pursuits."