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Pictorial History: Mississippi Agriculture and Industry, Arranged by Mississippi W.P.A. Historical Research Project.

Top left: "Cotton Pickers, Washington County, one of the Delta counties where the yields as well as the staples are of an extra high order." Top right: "Above. Showing a cotton field in Humphreys County after it has been picked - there remains a quantity that well might be considered a fair yield in less productive sessions." Center left: "Something to please the cotton grower. Fine cotton - being inspected by the County Agent - Noxubee County." Center right: "Above - scene in a cotton compress - here the cotton, after being ginned, is squeezed into tightly compressed bales, banded with steel straps, preparatory to transporting - for foreign shipment, where the cubical space occupied is a consideration extra compression is given the bales." Bottom left: "Typical, in the cotton country, is the scene at a plantation commissary - taken in August 1929 - in Humphreys County." Bottom right: "Cotton after having been compressed being loaded into cars for shipment to buyers."