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Pictorial History of Mississippi

Top: photograph of White Apple Village mound by Mary Ethel Dismukes. Center: drawing by Max S. Burkett. Bottom: "White Apple Village. The only vestige, of, the seat of the Indian kings of the Natchez, at the once populous, White Apple Village are two mounds, one of which, thought to be the ceremonial mound, is shown in the photograph above. It is said there was a temple upon it facing the rising sun, to which it was dedicated, and in which a fire was kept constantly burning, since the Natchez were sun worshipers. Choperd, French commander at Fort Rosalie, though his demands and excesses of his soldiers on the Natchez was responsible for the massacre of that garrison, 1729, by the Natchez. Later a French expeditionary force raided, destroyed the village and enslaved or killed all of the Natchez except a scattering few who took refuge with other Indian nations of the South."