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Pictorial History of Mississippi Trees

"Garner Tullius Oak, Member: Live Oak Society, circumference: 20 ft. 8 in. The great oak listed in the live oak society as the Garner Tullius Oak is one of the ancient landmarks at Biloxi, historic former capital of the French territory, Louisiana. It is said that under the far-flung branches of this ancient one, aboriginee devotees to Mississippi's succulent oysters roasted their catch. No doubt sea weary French voyageurs upon landing sought its welcome shade, as later did wayfaring Franciscan Fra and intrepid exploring French and Spanish conquistidor. It was formerly known as the Crawford oak, but the name was changed when the property, on which it stands was acquired by Garner Tullius. Beneath its boughs, in 1938, the Tree Association of Biloxi was formed." Photograph by Mary Ethel Dismukes