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Pictorial History: Mississippi in Architecture, Assembled and Arranged by W.P.A. Historical Research Project

Top left: "Above: Mississippi College, Clinton - Chapel - constructed 1850. The college founded 1826 as Hampstead Academy was changed in 1830 to the name it now bears. The chapel was built under the auspices of the Mississippi State Baptist Convention as was the rest of the college which is the second oldest male college in the state." Top right: "Right: Administration Building, State Teachers College - Hattiesburg, was built in 1911, Robt. Hunt, was the architect. The school was founded in 1811. There are 15 buildings that serve this institution." Center right: "Grenada College - Right was an active educational institution before the War Between States under the name of Bascom Seminary. During that war it was converted into a hospital. In 1884 the name was changed to Grenada College, a Methodist seminary for girls, it is claimed to be the oldest school of its class in the state." Center left: "Senatobia (Tate County) Junior College was founded as a school in 1815 - In 1929 it became a Junior College…. Left…. the Administration of Senatobia Junior College - a modern structure with every modern facility." Center right: "Right - Mississippi State College for Women at Columbus is the first State College for Women in the U.S.A. The picture is of modern structure but other building on the campus have been in service since before the War Between States (Prior to 1860)." Bottom: "Right: Milsaps College, Jackson was founded in 1892, the first donation, a sum of $50,000 making the foundation upon which the institute was to grow. The college now (1938) has an A-1 rating. Left - the old cannon is located on Milsaps' ground on a location used by Confederate troops in the War between States."