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Pictorial History: Mississippi in Architecture, Assembled and Arranged by W.P.A. Historical Research Project

"Old Richland School House. Located at Richland, Holmes County, Mississippi is this historic old landmark, the first brick school house in that county. Built in 1844 as a meeting place for the Masonic order and as a private school for boys with a frame structure for girls, it has a glamorous historical background. The first principal was Robert Morris, of La Grange, Kentucky, an outstanding Mason, and in this school house, during the years of 1849 and 1850 he formulated the ritual of the Order of the Eastern Star. When Morris left, in 1868, he turned the manuscript over to Robert McCoy by whom it was completed. During the war Company C, 15th Mississippi Infantry was organized in the building. In 1865 the building was given up to the 'carpet-baggers' at which time it used for the negro school children while the frame structure was used by the white children. In 1878 the Republican paid for the building and it being used at this time (1938) as a negro school. The spot is still reverenced by the Holmes County Chapters of the Order of Eastern Star and August 20th each year (during recent years) these chapters gather to celebrate Robert Morris' birthday with appropriate exercises at Richland…."