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Pictorial History: Mississippi in Architecture, Assembled and Arranged by W.P.A. Historical Research Project

Top: "The home of T. B. Sykes at Aberdeen, Monroe County, was built in 1850 with slave labor by Dr. W. A. Sykes, most of the materials were hand-fashioned. at the left: Mary Edmunds Sykes, Born 1814 Died 1864 … at the right Dr. George Augustus Sykes - Born 1805 - Died 1874." Center left: "The Turner Thomason home at Pontotoc was built in 1856 of classic Greek lines; simple and unobtrusive, it is a good example of the architecture of its period although the use of Ionic capitals on the columns was a slight divergence as most architects held to Doric and modified Corinthic capitals." Center right: "The Mason-Tucker home was built in 1850 by William F. Mason, who took up residence at Holly Springs, Marshall county in 1837 and who held a prominent place in the development of that locality. It is interesting for the fact that it is one of the early types of architecture that departed from the simpler lines began the use of the decorative scrolls that became common later." Bottom left: "The home of Mrs. E. N. Reed, Tishomingo County, was built by her father A. T. Matthews in 1857, one of the first homes in Iuka, who believing that a projected railroad would be laid north and south built his home facing east - and was disappointed. It was the headquarters of Gen. Nathan B. Forrest during the war between states." Bottom right: "The home of Logan C. Cline, in Noxubee County, was built in 1855 by his grandfather Logan C. Cline. It is a one and one-half storied frame structure of colonial design; a model of simplicity that is in excellent condition (1938); reflecting the owners pride in the family's homestead."